Baculovirus Titering Kit

Expression Systems’ Baculovirus Titering Kit facilitates accurate determination of infectious baculovirus titers in less than 24 hours. The assay is based on detection of the baculovirus gp64 fusion protein which is expressed on the surface of infected insect cells within six hours of infection. The kit contains gp64-PE antibody and a baculovirus control of known titer.


Staining of cells with a fluorescently labeled anti-gp64 antibody allows for identification of infected insect cells. By inoculating cultures with a series of log dilutions of virus, and staining the cultures 18–20 hours post inoculation, the ratio of infected to uninfected insect cells can be determined by flow cytometry. Statistical analysis of the percentage of infected cells in the virus dilution series enables accurate infectious titer determination.

Alternative assays that also claim results in under 24 hours (such as particle counting instruments and qPCR) are indeed fast but do not deliver true infectious titer values. In contrast to the plaque assay, the culturing conditions employed for the flow cytometric assay closely reflect actual culturing conditions utilized for expression cultures, resulting in a more relevant titer value in a fraction of the time. Provided access to a flow cytometer equipped to handle 96 well plates, the flow cytometric assay is easily adapted to high throughput processes.

  • Reproducible and accurate titer results within 24 hours
  • Measures infectious virus
  • Suspension culture methodology simulates actual production conditions
  • Works with any flow cytometer capable of reading samples from 96-well plates
  • Flow cytometric data collection removes the operator error of counting plaques
  • gp64-PE antibody can be used alone to monitor infection kinetics of baculovirus in insect cell culture



Clone: AcV1

Antibody Composition: Mouse IgG2A

Storage Buffer: Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) containing 0.05% BSA

and 0.09% sodium azide.

Recombinant Baculovirus Control

BestBac 2.0 co-transfected with empty pVL1393 produced in Sf9 cells

Media typeESF 921 or ESF AF
Platform compatibilityWorks with infectious baculovirus produced by most methods
Shipping conditionBaculovirus Titering Kit ships on cold packs, gp64-PE ships ambient
Storage condition2-8⁰C, protect from light
Use-by dateSix months from Date of Manufacture for Baculovirus Control
Documents References

Mulvania T, Hayes B, Hedin D. A Flow Cytometric Assay for Rapid, Accurate Determination of Baculovirus Titers. BioProcess J, 2004; 3(3): 47-53.

Storage Condition
97-101Baculovirus Titering Kit 2–8º CCold pack$480.00