Molecular Biology

Expression Systems can clone your gene of interest into any commercial baculovirus expression vector or our own vectors. Starting from your cDNA clone or an accession number we will guide expression cassette design and clone your gene into a transfer vector. We can add tags at the N or C terminus, add secretion signals, and do site-directed mutagenesis. We will sequence validate the expression vector for you and produce recombinant baculovirus from your clone.

Molecular biology services include

  • Gene sequence codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis
  • Vector design and cloning
  • Plasmid scale up and purification

Baculovirus Stock Production

Expression Systems can quickly produce baculovirus stock from your gene of interest. The final product can be a minimum of 500 ml up to hundreds of liters at a titer of at least 5 x 108 infectious units per ml. Titer is determined using the flow cytometric based assay that is also offered as a service. The stock can be generated from a pre-existing virus stock or by cotransfection using a transfer vector containing the gene of interest provided by you. Baculovirus stocks are generated using Sf9 cells in your choice of ESF 921 or ESF AF media. If desired, baculovirus stocks can be purified by end point dilution or plaque purification.

Baculovirus stock production services include

  • Production of high titer (> 5 x 108) baculovirus stock
  • Virus stock scale up to 100s of liters
  • Baculovirus stock purification by end point dilution or plaque purification
  • Titering services

Protein Production

Expression Systems will optimize the production parameters for your product. Recombinant protein, virus-like particle or ene therapy vector expression will be optimized in one or more cell lines by doing a time-course study of infection, varying infection density, multiplicity of infection (MOI), and harvest time. Scale up conditions and process development are also offered by Expression Systems.
Expression Systems has dedicated clean rooms for your project. Inquire about GMP/GLP manufacturing. Expression Systems will produce your protein of interest using conditions specified by you or determined by the expression optimization.

Protein production services include

  • Optimization of expression and scale up parameters
  • Production of protein of interest
  • Bench scale to production scale
  • Subunit vaccine, Virus Like Particle or Gene therapy (rAAV) active pharmaceutical ingredient
  • Protein purification

These services are available individually or packaged according to your needs. Please contact for details on projects and pricing.