About Us

Headquartered in Davis, California, Expression Systems is dedicated to supplying and servicing the cell culture and bio-industrial markets with innovative media formulations, complementary products and contract services. We specialize in baculovirus/host cell systems with an emphasis on cell culture of insect and mammalian cell lines.

Our unique focus on BEVS applications helps researchers and clinicians in academic, biotech and pharmaceutical fields around the world work at the highest level of consistency. Our products and services are used by elite institutions, companies and labs around the world. At any step in the process, from gene synthesis to protein purification, Expression Systems helps achieve best-in-class results.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Gerhard Bauer

Assistant Professor — Department of Internal Medicine
University of California, Davis

Gerhard Bauer is an assistant professor of hematology and oncology and director of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory at the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures. In addition to GMP design and construction expertise, Bauer also has extensive experience in the field of gene and cell therapy, having spent two decades developing novel clinical applications to improve medical outcomes for life-threatening illnesses.

He also has investigated potential therapies for HIV, replacing the devastated immune system of an HIV-infected patient with cells that have been engineered to resist the virus. Bauer came to the UC Davis Health System in 2006 after designing and directing a state-of-the-art GMP laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Loy Volkman

Professor Emerita — Division of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of California, Berkeley

Loy Volkman earned her B.A. in zoology (1967) at the University of California, Riverside, and her M.S. (1971) and Ph.D. (1973) degrees in Microbiology at the University of Washington, Seattle. She focused on retroviruses for her dissertation work but was captivated by baculovirus pathogenesis during her post-doctoral years in the laboratory of Dr. Max Summers at University of Texas, Austin. She worked with Dr. Summers for 3 years before moving into an independent research position at Lovelace Medical Center in Albuquerque, NM. In 1979, the University of California, Berkeley awarded her a Chancellor’s Distinguished Lectureship, and in 1980, an Assistant Professorship. A 27-year career followed during which Dr. Volkman’s research program focused on baculovirus pathogenesis. She found that baculoviruses usurp control of both the tubulin and actin cytoskeletons during baculovirus infection. Microtubules are dismantled, leading to rounding of cells, and actin is recruited to the nucleus where it mediates infectious viral progeny production. The Volkman lab identified the viral genes involved in these activities, and in 2006, they joined Dr. Matthew Welch and colleagues in demonstrating that nuclear actin in baculovirus-infected cells is regulated by the interaction of the viral protein Ac p78/83 and the cellular Arp2/3 complex (Science 314,464-468, 06). Dr. Volkman retired from Cal in January, 2007, but she continues to participate in baculovirus research as a guest member of the Welch lab at U.C., Berkeley, and as an advisory board member for Expression Systems in Davis, CA.