Cell Culture Media

BestBac™ Linearized Baculovirus DNA

Expression Systems’ popular BestBac Linearized Baculovirus DNA backbone has been engineered to deliver highly efficient recombination with all polyhedron gene locus based transfer vectors. The resulting virus vector provides superior stability and purity compared to other systems. BestBac is available with a deletion or wild-type at the V-cath/chiA region and sold individually or in kits.

  • Unmatched productivity and stability for BEVS
  • Improved production methodology can reduce need for plaque purification
  • Produces high titers of 5 E8 to 3 E9 IU/ml of recombinant baculovirus in P1 stock
  • Generates P1 stock as quickly as Bac-to-Bac® and other systems
  • Each BestBac vial contains enough material for a minimum of five cotransfections
  • Suitable for other expression systems including BacMamTM

Available in Two Versions

  • BestBac 1.0 is wild type at the cathepsin and chitinase (v-cath/chiA) loci, preferred for some applications.
  • BestBac 2.0 is a deletion mutant of BestBac 1.0. The v-cath/chiA deletion removes a potentially detrimental protease and may reduce competition for resources for protein synthesis during late gene expression. The v-cath/chiA deletion can improve the integrity of your expressed protein resulting in a significant increase of functional protein yield.

Also Available in a Cotransfection Kit

Contains everything you need to perform cotransfections with your transfer vector. Included in the kit are:

  • BestBac DNA
  • pVL1393-lacZ control vector
  • Transfection medium
  • Expres2 TR transfection reagent

Media typeLinearized Baculovirus DNA
Shipping condition2–8⁰C
Storage condition2-8⁰C, protect from light
Use-by dateOne year from date of manufacture

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Storage Condition
91-001BestBac 1.0 Linearized Baculovirus DNA2–8º CCold pack$375.00
91-002BestBac 2.0 Δ v-cath/chiA Linearized Baculovirus DNA2–8º CCold pack$375.00
91-100BestBac 1.0 Baculovirus Cotransfection Kit2–8º CCold pack$425.00
91-200BestBac 2.0 Δ v-cath/chiA Baculovirus Cotransfection Kit2–8º CCold pack$425.00