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pVL1392, pVL1393 Transfer Vectors

pVL1392 and pVL1393 are transfer vectors designed for high-level expression of a cloned gene driven by the strong Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (AcMNPV) polyhedrin promoter (pPolh).


pVL1392 and pVL1393 are pUC8 based plasmids containing the AcMNPV polyhedrin locus lacking the majority of the polyhedrin open reading frame. A multiple cloning site (MCS) sequence has been inserted 37 nucleotides downstream from the original polyhedrin ATG start codon, which has been mutated to ATT.

pVL1392 and pVL1393 share identical sequences, with the exception that they each have the same MCS in opposing orientations. A start and stop codon must be provided with the gene that is to be cloned into the MCS. For maximal recombinant protein expression, the distance between the cloning site and the ATG start of the inserted gene should be kept to a minimum, and should not exceed 100 nucleotides.


Media TypeESF 921 and ESF AF
Platform CompatibilityBestBac 1.0 and BestBac 2.0
Shipping conditionAmbient
Storage condition2-8°C, protect from light

Storage Condition
91-012pVL1392 Transfer Vector2–8º CAmbient$200.00
91-013pVL1393 Transfer Vector2–8º CAmbient$200.00
91-030pVL1392, pVL1393 Transfer Vector Set2–8º CAmbient$250.00