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Expression Systems is dedicated to supplying and servicing the cell culture and bio-industrial markets with innovative media formulations, complementary products and contract services.

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EXPRESSION SYSTEMS, LLC - SACRAMENTO & BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA: CONTRACT MANUFACTURING, CONTRACT PRODUCTION AND VIRUS TITERING FOR THE BIO-INDUSTRIAL MARKET: Located in the Woodland / Davis area of northern California, Expression Systems is a biopharmaceutical service company that specializes in Baculovirus Expression Vector System protein production contract manufacturing (BEVS contract manufacturing) and Baculovirus Expression Vector System contract production (BEVS contract production) for the commercial insect cell culture media market and the study of molecular plasmid DNA, High5 insect cells, sf21 insect cells, and the eukaryotic glycosylation system. Expression Systems Formula, ESF 921, is the company's flagship product and is widely recognized as the industry's standard for applications such as high throughput gene expression for drug discovery. Unique to Expression Systems are animal-free formulation for insect cells and serum-free, protein-free formulation for insect cells. Expression Systems, LLC is dedicated to improving the reproducibility of BEVS recombinant protein expression, maximizing insect cell expression and supplying and servicing the commercial insect cell culture medium market with innovative media formulations, complimentary products and contract services such as expression optimization, cloning, cotransfections, crude purifications, small scale production runs and high throughput screening. Exp Sys also provides a baculovirus titering service to facilitate clients' research and development programs. (BEVS) Baculovirus Expression Vector System recombinant protein expression, is a powerful tool for the production of therapeutics, diagnostics, and reagents. Products include insect cell culture media, protein-free medium for insect cells, animal-free medium for insect cells, baculovirus titer kit, ready-to-use bottled media, Sf9 baculovirus, ESF, PBA and the Autographa California nuclear polyhedrosis virus (AcNPV baculovirus). Production Boost Additive should be added to the infected culture after infection has been established. Transfection media enhances DNA uptake leading to transient expression and higher P0 titers. Accurate titering of recombinant baculovirus is an important step in protein production optimization. Samples can be titered by the real-time PCR method using primers specific for the transfer vector. ESF 921 (available in 1L bottles, Pre-Filled WAVE Bag or bulk media bags) or ESF AF can be used in place if the Transfection Medium although efficiency is increased with the Transfection Medium. Understanding the prokaryotic process will shed light on eukaryotic glycosylation system function.